Hello Personal 


Our lives are subject to regular change our bodies being no exception. 

 I don't want to style anyone to change them. I want to work with you and help you discover your true self and love every inch YOU!

We may find ourselves being a new mum with less time to take care of our appearance. Or perhaps our kids have grown -up and we have more time but need a new look. Sometimes we all just need a little help and confidence to find ourselves and dress well again.

Scroll through the options below to find out what services I offer to help you become even more


Beautifully YOU

Be you, Be yourself, be your Beautiful self
Elegant woman

Hello 1-2-1 Full Style Consultation

The full monty of Style 

Come and have a whole style make-over.



  • 1-2-1 Face to face appointment

  • Learn everything about your body shape, scale and what styles are best suited to you 

  • Discover your style personality and how to dress to best suit your over all look

  • Discover your face shape and what hair styles are best suited to you personaly

  • Duration 2.5hrs

  • £180

  • Location clients home

Woman with Headband and Sunglasses

Hello Style Personality

1-2-1 Appointment 
Romantic, Dramatic, Creative, to name just a few. 
Don't worry about knowing which "box" you come under,
it in no way "boxes you in"!
 I can go from the queen of pearls to living it large in an oversized hoody, listening to 2PAC in the expanse of a day. You are unique and wonderful.
That said, there are patterns to each of our likes and dislikes. Working out your "style personality" will not only help you to create a wardrobe you love and wear every item, but it will unlock so much of YOU that you will be amazed at all the other areas of your life that will just make sense afterwards. 
  • Learn all 6 dominant style personalities
  • Discover what items to purchase to still do YOU, but be effortlessly stylish doing so.
  • This workshop will help you to unlock YOU.
  • You will learn to make style choices for yourself without being a carbon copy of anyone else. 
  • Learn where and how to shop to best compliment your style personality
  • Duration Approx 1hr

  • £55 

  • Location my studio

Plus Size Models

Hello Body Beautiful

Each one of us has a unique and beautiful body shape and scale. I work with clients to help them understand themselves and the rules that will help them look and feel fabulous in their own skin.

  • Discover you body shape and how to dress to best compliment it

  • Discover the best materials and styles that work with your scale

  • Learn what shapes work best for your  jewellery

  • Duration Approx 1.5hrs

  • £120

  • Location clients home

Please Note 1-2-1 In Person Appointments are carried out at my home studio. If requested, I can offer appointments at an alternative address, however, additional travel time and petrol charges will apply. Charges will be stated ahead of time. 

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