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Terms and Conditions


General sales-, delivery- and payment conditions of:

Hello Beautiful
Office Address:
2 Kingsway


Newcastle upon Tyne


Contact email:
(Mon - Fri 9 - 5 pm GMT ) 

General inquiries:
Customer service: announcing exchanges / processing of orders:

Melanie Lozinski shop owner
Melanie Lozinski services Provider



Policy For products only

Article 1.  Definitions

1.1 Hello Beautiful is an online shop in both NEW and reimagined clothing, footwear and accessories, which can be visited at 

Hello Beautiful currently operates out of a Home Studio in Newcastle upon Tyne, Uk, where some products are sold and face to face services take place. This policy is for online purchases of product only. However, the same policies apply to anything purchased during a face to face consultation. Excluding the purchase of other services (Consultations both online and face to face) . These services have a separate policy attatched at the bottom of this page under policies for online and face to face consultations.

1.2 These general conditions (further called: conditions), belonging to the internet activities of Hello 

Article 2. Applicability

2.1 Our terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and agreements closed through the website and they exclude all possible other general conditions of sales.

2.2 Accepting an offer and / or placing an order means accepting the applicability of these conditions.

2.3 Any deviations from these terms and conditions may only take place in written form. In case of any deviation from a certain part of the general conditions, the other terms and conditions remain fully in force.

Article 3. Agreements

An agreement is established after the acceptation of the offer on our website by the customer. is authorised to refuse orders or to ask for additional information. If an order is not accepted, this will be reported to the customer, mentioning the reason of rejection.

Article 4. Prices

4.1 Delivery costs are (unless otherwise stated) not included in these prices. Before closing the agreement, the total price including the shipping costs is announced through our website. 

4.2 can not be held to price indications which are clearly incorrect, for example as a result of obvious typing errors or misprints. No rights can be derived from unlawful pricing information.

Article 5.  Payments

 5.1 A payment can be made in one of the ways specified during the ordering process. A customer's order can be subjected to certain additional payment- and ordering conditions. After placing an order, the customer will receive an immediate confirmation by e-mail with the total cost, including the shipping costs. Payments can be made with:

If your payment is not received within the stated period or without a further notice of delay, the reservation will be cancelled. Two days before this period expires, you will receive an automated e-mail with a payment reminder. If no message or payment is received by

Hello the order will be cancelled and the item(s) put back in stock.

5.4 The customer gives Hello Beautiful. style the permission to take all measures that are necessary to allow the customer to pay with the desired payment method.

5.5 In case of payments by bank transfer, the date of payment is the date of crediting of the bank account of Hello

All other payment methods are processed through the Internet Cash desk of MultiSafepay.

Article 6. Delivery

6.1 Hello strives to offer all orders for dispatch on the same day, but as it also works with partners can not guarantee delivery and dispatch dates unless otherwise stated.
6.2 If an order cannot be shipped completely, the order won't be sent at all, unless consultation with the customer has taken place. In case the delivery of an order is delayed because (part of) the order is (temporarily) out of stock or for other reasons, or in case an order can't be processed (completely), the customer will receive a message within 7 business days after placing the order. In that case, the customer has the right to cancel the order free of any charge. Hello will then arrange an immediate and complete refund.

6.3 Deviations in colour-, type-, text- and / or price changes reserved. Goods and / or services are clearly and truthfully depicted and / or described, and as fully as reasonably required.

Article 7. Retention of title

The ordered items change their owner during the moment of the delivery of the items at the delivery address. 

Article 8.  Exchange or return of items

We do our best to describe and present our products on our website in the best possible way. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase however, you can return the item(s) to us in their ORIGINAL condition. To all purchases* (including discounted / sale items) applies: money back if not satisfied. 

An online or face to face appointment can be cancelled but will not be refunded. See consultation policies below for more information.

Return policy;
All our items can be exchanged or returned. To all items applies: MONEY BACK IF NOT SATISFIED, on the condition that you send your return back within 30 days after receipt and that the following requirements are met:

8.1 For returning items, the following conditions apply:
8.1.1) Announcing an exchange
You always have to let us know in advance that you wish to exchange an item. Please e-mail us and do mention your order number: we will confirm your exchange request. If the item is in stock we will directy reserve the item for you. We will send the requested item(s) as soon as we have received the return package in its original state. If you would like to return your article then you don't need to send an e-mail to register your return shipment and the item will be refunded providing it meats the terms of this agreement within 30 days of receiving the product back to us.

8.1.2) Return instructions
Please select the reason for return and in case you have paid by manual bank transfer: You can bring your return package to the nearest post point. As the customer you are responsible for the costs of the return shipment.

8.1.3) Return period
The item has to be returned at immediately, but at the latest within 30 days (Mon - Fri, with the exception of weekends and National Holidays). Return shipments which are received by us outside the normal return period are not excepted, unless agreed otherwise.

8.1.4) Conditions of return:

The item has to be in its original state and in an unworn condition, without any smell of perfume, perspiration or cigarette smoke or any other signs of wearing. Labels have to be attached and in case there is a hygienestrip it should still be included in the article. The packaging has to be undamaged and in an impeccable condition. Returned items with a ripped/damaged packaging, that can't be sold anymore to our opinion, won't be accepted by us.
Shoes can be tried on indoors, of course, but they can't be returned anymore, as soon as they have been worn outside. Please make sure that you don't use too much perfume or make up while trying on clothes and that the items won't get damaged by any jewellery. 
Hello Beautiful. style reserves the right to reject return orders and/or to charge a fee for repair or because of a reduction of the sales value, on the basis of the aforementioned points or suspected use of the items.

8.1.5) Confirmation of return receipt and refund of the purchase money
After receipt of your return order, we will check the items on the aforementioned points. As soon as possible, but at the latest within 5 business days, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of receipt. Immediately, but at the latest within 2 business days after return receipt, Hello will refund the purchase money of the returned item(s). The refund is excl. charged shipping costs**. The return costs have to be borne by the customer.

8.2.1) Return orders always have to be sufficiently stamped. These costs have to be borne by the customer. Return orders which are insufficiently stamped will be rejected at all times. 

8.2.2) Hello is not responsible for lost return orders. The customer himself/herself has to make sure that the return order is packed and shipped properly.
* wit the exception of books, underwear (panties), earrings, make up and legwear (because of the hygiene)

** The shipping costs of orders that were shipped for free won't be reclaimed after return receipt of course

Article 9.  Complaints

Complaints in relation to the delivery of your order
9.1 We do our utmost to deliver a good product. After receipt of your order, you should check the delivered items immediately and report any noticed defects to us per e-mail. If an item has not been delivered in accordance with your order or if it doesn't meet the description on our website, please let us know as soon as possible per e-mail mentioning your order number.

We place a high value on customer service. Please always contact us (within a reasonable period after your purchase), if something is wrong or if the product doesn't meet your expectations in any other way. We will do our utmost to come with the best possible solution for you!


Quality of items
Of  course it can happen that the quality of a garment doesn't meet your expectations (anymore) after a certain period of use, e.g. if the garment after a short period of use already shows signs of extreme wear, if a button is missing or a zipper is broken or if you have noticed that the item doesn't look nice anymore after washing.
The warranty period on our items is 3 months after receipt of the items. Of course, this warranty is only in force if the items are used and washed in a normal frequency. In that case, the reasonably foreseeable lifetime of the concerned garment should also be 3 months.

Our clothing has to be washed according to the washing instructions attached to the concerned garment. If you have chosen a different washing method, your complaint will be rejected at all times.

This warranty expires if you have tried, without further consultation, to repair the defect yourself and/or if the instructions for use haven't been followed.

If you have such a complaint regarding an item that you bought from us, we would like to hear that from you. You can contact us per e-mail at on business days (Mon - Fri from 9 am - 5 pm, with the exception of weekends and National Holidays).

Article 10.  Cancellation of your order

You can cancel your order at all times, without stating a reason and without having to pay a fine, provided that the item hasn't been dispatched yet. If the item has already been shipped, the standard return policy applies, see article 8.
It is highly appreciated if you could inform us as soon as possible if you would like to cancel an order. You can inform us per e-mail at mentioning your order number. Cancelling of services has a different policy, please see Cancelation of services policy for more info HERE . Gift vouchers are also non-refundable. see Gift Voucher terms and conditions below HERE

Article 11.  Withdrawal

11.1In accordance with the Uk Selling Regulations, the buyer has the right to withdraw an order of new items within 30 days upon receipt of the order, without having to pay a fine and without giving reasons. The buyer has the possibility to receive the order amount back. In that case,

will also credit the already charged costs for delivering the order on the specified delivery address. 

11.2 At the latest within 30 days upon receipt of the order on the delivery address, the article has to be returned at the expense of the customer. You will receive a confirmation per e-mail, as soon as we received and processed your return order. Provided that all conditions have been met,

Hello will refund the order amount (minus the shipping costs) at the latest within 7 business days upon receipt of the return order.

11.3 The right of withdrawal expires at the moment that not all requirements of article 12 have been met. In that case, your return order will be considered as an exchange in accordance with article 8 of our Terms and Conditions.

Article 12. Orders / communication cannot be held responsible for any misconception, defect, delay or for receiving orders and messages incorrectly as a result of the use of internet or any other means of communication used for the communication between the customer and

Hello, or between Hello and third parties, insofar as related to the relationship between the customer and

Hello unless and for as far as it has been caused intentionally or with deliberate recklessness by Hello

Article 13.  Force Majeure

In case of force majeure, Hello has the right to, on her own discretion, postpone a customer's order or to cancel the agreement without judicial intervention, by informing the customer in writing and without the obligation for Hello to pay any compensation, unless this, in the given circumstances and to standards of reasonableness and fairness, should be unacceptable.  

Article 14.  Applicable law and competent court

14.1 All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements, to which these Terms and Conditions apply, as well as these Terms and Conditions, are exclusively governed by UK law

14.2 Of course it can happen that you are not totally satisfied about our products or services. In that case, please contact us as soon as possible, preferably per e-mail:

14.3 If one or more of these Terms and Conditions are declared void at court ruling:

  • other conditions of these Terms and Conditions will remain in full force and effect,

  • Hello and the ordering customer will consult together in order to come to an agreement regarding new conditions which will fully replace the voided conditions. The new conditions have to follow the aim and the meaning of the voided conditions as much as possible.

Questions, complaints and comments

Should you have any complaints, questions or comments after reading these Terms and Conditions, please don't hesitate to contact us per

Policy For Face to face and online consultations appointments

Article 16.  Covid 19

Covid 19 policies

Due to the current and ongoing Covid 19 situation government guidelines and restrictions supersede these polices and in these circumstance appointments may need to be rescheduled or preformed online (where applicable). 

Proof of being asked to self isolate or proof of a PCR test booking will need to be given otherwise full cancelation policy will be in effect.

Please see our Covid 19 policy for the latest Covid-19 information.


Article 17.  Face to Face and online appointments

Full Cancelation policy for Hello Beautiful face to face and online services.

All online and face to face consultations are non refundable unless Hello Beautiful. style cancel the appointment.


Hello Beautiful reserves the right to cancel an appointment at any given time without given a reason. Any cancelled appointments will be rearranged at a convenient time for both Hello and the client. If a convenient time is not found and or the client is unable to reschedule then a full refund will be given. Accept in the case of a consultation booked using a gift voucher. (See policy for gift vouchers below).

All online appointments must be purchased in the shop or where applicable booked and payed for by contacting Hello Beautiful direct before a date is agreed for the appointment. 

Where appropriate a deposit will be required to book services that can not be purchased online. This will be made clear to the client before they agree to an appointment. The appointment will not be booked until the agreed deposit or full payment has been received by Hello Beautiful.

We live in a world where things happen and we aim to be as flexible as possible with out customers. However, if the customer agrees a date and is then unable to keep the appointment then the MUST let Hello Beautiful. style know at least 24 hours before the agreed appointment time and date. Failure to do so will mean the customer will not be offered a re-shedual of the date and will still be charged the full amount. No refund will be given.  


For parties and group workshops a non refundable ,per person deposit will be required to secure the booking and date.

If the customer purchases a service and have not contacted Hello Beautiful.Style within 3 month to book in an appointment, then their purchase is classed as void and they will need to purchase another appointment should they still wish to do so. There will be no refund given in such circumstance.

Article 18.  Gift Vouchers

Policy for gift vouchers purchased

Gift vouchers are non refundable once purchased. 


All gift vouchers come with a 12 month expiry date from the date of purchase and not from the date they themselves received the voucher. The voucher holder is expected to purchase an item within the allotted time frame. The voucher will be void after this time.

The voucher holder needs to contact hello beautiful direct by email at to book in the required service


The voucher holder also needs to present the voucher on the day of the appointment otherwise the cost of the appointment will be charged again at full price.

If for any reason a client needs to cancel an appointment 1 weeks notice must be given otherwise the voucher may be voided by hello beautiful. In the event of a client booking an appointment and then cancelling with less than 24 hours notice the voucher will be void. If an appointment has been made and the voucher holder does not turn up, the voucher will be void. 

Where applicable all of the above articles apply to the terms and conditions of any purchases with in Hello Beautiful Styles services and any complaints should be made in writing to the address at the top of this page and or by email to

Article 19. Offers

Policy for offers

Offers are available for the time stated only and must be booked and payed for in advance to take advantage of them.  The same cancellation terms apply (See cancellation terms here)  However if an alternative date can not be found within the offer timeframe then the offer will no longer be available. If hello Beautiful needs to cancel the appointment then the agreed offer price will still be honoured.

All rights reserved. Nothing from these Terms and Conditions may be copied, saved and / or distributed without written permission of Hello Beautiful. style

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