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All Colour Me Beautiful  

Make-up range is hypoallergenic, vegan and led free.

The planet and animal protection have always been at the heart of CMB business.

Did I mention, they are also perfectly matched too?

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Have you been applying your make-up the same way for years? Or, maybe you’ve never worn make-up and you’d like to start?

A one-one make-up lesson is a simple, quick and easy way to breath new life into your look. 

All make-up is perfectly matched to your skin tone and over all colouring.

Book your appointment today and become even more beautifully You

*Colour me beautiful make-up range is hypoallergenic, vegan and led free. Check out their ingredient list using the link here




As part of a Style or Colour Consultation, we take a look at your make up and find products to match your look, in a 1-2-1 Make-up lesson we take a more comprehensive look at your make-up needs and come up with some looks that are perfectly suited to you.

  • Learn how to apply your make-up quickly, effectively and in the right colours to suit your natural colouring and personality.

  • We will look through your current make-up bag to see what products to keep and what needs to go.

  • You will complete a make-up personality questionnaire to find out your make-up style.

  • We will discuss how to best care for your skin on a daily basis.

  • You will be taught how to apply make-up to best suit and enhance your features

  • Come up with a fast and simple make-up routine either suitable for a specific event or everyday wear.

  • You will be shown make-up colours that suit you perfectly that you can buy at any point during the consultation.

  • Application tips will be given to help your make up look and last longer. 

  • You take away a personalised make-up tutorial sheet detailing all the make-up advice given to you.

  • Duration 1.5hrs 

  • £55

This service is best suited to those who have undertaken a colour consultation, however, there are still some ways we can work together. Send me a quick message using the contact form here


Hello Beautiful  make-up lesson

*Please note until further notice make-up lessons are currently suspended due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. We will still be offering make-up during a colour consultation in a restricted and safeguarded way. Please see our Covid 19 policy for the latest information.

To book an appointment, ask a question or to just say  hello click on the button below and fill in the contact form. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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