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School Nurse

Fantastic day learning what styles and colours suited me most.

Thanks, Mel you did wonders for my confidence on Friday, so grateful.


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Buddy _Cups Charity

Hi Mel, just wanted to say thank you!

We at Buddy_Cups had a great time with you today. It was great to learn more about the best colours to wear.

Thank You for a fun informative and inspiring workshop. 


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Buddy _Cups Charity

Had a fantastic zoom group style session with Mel and Buddy_Cups. 

It was very informative. I feel so much more confident now in deciding which colours work for me.

Thanks, Mel


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Events Planner

" I chose to celebrate my 40th by having a colour party with a group of friends of different ages. Mel made everyone feel at ease, explained things simply & made it a lot of fun. 

A number of us have gone on to have a full colour analysis. I am still amazed at what colours suited me and what didn't 🙈!"

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SEN learning support assistant

"I would highly recommend having a full colour analysis with Mel, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Loved the makeover and seeing which were 'my colours' 💗"


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"Mel did such a brilliant job- I felt totally at ease, thoroughly pampered, had a laugh (and a lush coffee)  it was a real eye-opener to a world of colour I have ignored for most of my life!

Excited to start experimenting with my beautiful colour wallet in tow 😊"

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Events planner

Melanie made my colour analysis so relaxed, fun and helpful. Highly highly recommend finding out your colours with her!! She's very friendly and knowledgeable. And she was a calm person to have around when I discovered some surprising colours I shouldn't be wearing (and had been wearing for years!).

Thanks so much!

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Tree surgeon

"This is art and a real talent. I went home and realized my wardrobe has all the basics I need and there is nothing I need to discard. I'm just lacking any pop colours. I thought I couldn't wear coral, now I know how to use it and found how to make my skin look healthy and my eye shine out, even my most manly friends have noticed the immediate change! Loads of compliments on how glowing I looked. Mel tuned in on my individuality and showed me how to rock my own look! Thank you, I'm a happy lady."

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Retired Nurse

"I am really impressed with Melanie's Colour analysis. The lovely colours that I didn't realise I could wear convinced me I needed a capsule wardrobe. If anyone could put together a capsule wardrobe for a curvy petite with quirky ideas I felt Melanie could. AND MELANIE DID! I have emptied my wardrobe of my old colours and have only my fabulous clothes in there.


L'Oreal have it right Slightly altered

      " because I'm worth it".

I feel fantastic....... just go for it!"

Be you, Be yourself, be your Beautiful self