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Style Personality remains one of my personal favourite consultation. Discovering my style personality opened my eyes to all the mistakes I had been making with my wardrobe and why! Arguably even more importantly it helped me discover who I was and how I wanted to show up in the world. The more I dressed in line with my personality, the more confident I became. It really is quite incredible. This is also the feed back I receive from the clients I have worked with. For them it suddenly made sense and many were able to stop making all those expensive mistakes that left clothing hanging in their wardrobe unworn and unloved. 

I therefore made the decision to make style personality available to everyone. The questionnaire was created by Colour Me beautiful who collectively have worked with thousands of men and woman across the globe and it is truly remarkable how a small questionnaire can translate your answers into your personal style.

The questionnaire below is designed for women, but I do plan to add a version for you men in the near future.


Please answer as honestly as you can for where you are currently with your personal style and not where you hope to be. You can either download the questionnaire through google, where you will be able to print it out and work out your answers, or you can simply read along here and make note as you go! the choice is yours.


I hope you enjoy discovering your personal style



I hope you enjoyed taking this quiz and have been able to discover more about your beautiful self.

If the quiz high-lighted some areas that may keep you in a style rut or you have discovered some conflicts in your wardrobe do consider having a 1-2-1 style personality consultation, where I will be able to talk you through your results and help you find practical solutions to your challenges. I offer both face to face appointments or alternatively we can work together online. 

Click the links below for more information, prices and availability. 

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