Life is a Beach...

As some of you will know my journey into becoming a personal stylist and colour analyst, was some what “personal” to me. I had my first child at 19 and then having a whole brood of five behind me by my late 20’s, ment I was totally lost as to who I was by the time I turned 35. I felt more like I was 70 somehow. I was 100% mum and 0% Melanie.

Last year after a couple of very difficult years, I began a mission of self discovery into finding my truest self. In short, all my kids were now at school, so I decided it was time to pursue a job I loved. I set about training with colour me beautiful to be a colour analyst. Doing a job I loved brought so much confidence and purpose to me. I loved making others feel good about them selves too.

On this road, I have found one of the keys to enjoying my life, is doing things that I love. I am not suggesting everything we do is fun and enjoyable and that we need to love it all. I DO NOT LOVE washing clothes, but I have five kids, so there is not a lot I can do to get around the never ending pile of washing. Well, today I gave myself permission to have a day off!!!! This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me it is. I lived by the “When-Then” rule for TOO many years. WHEN the washing is done I will have time off. WHEN I finish decorating the house THEN I will read a book. WHEN the kids go back to school THEN I will give me some time. WHEN the kids are older. when, when when, until when never happened. The problem was, there was ALWAYS too much to do!!!! For a long time, I would only see the piles of washing and like the auto cycle I was stuck on this being my life.

But in living this way I broke myself.

So, today I left behind the mountains of washing. Waved goodbye to the messy house, sink full of dishes and the mess of decorating and I took myself to the beach.I LOVE THE BEACH. Like seriously love it. One day I WILL own a house by the sea, (preferably in Spain). But for today, I plan to relax, swim, read and just be...

Today I am loving myself.

What things have you been denying yourself. How can you love on yourself more this week. I exhort you to give yourself permission to. After all, we can never serve others from an empty jar can we!?

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