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Our response to COVID –19

In light of the current and ongoing situation, we would like to inform you of the specific measures we are taking. We take our clients and our own safety very seriously and will do all we are required and able to do, to protect everyone. There are things we can all do and precautions we can take to help keep each other safe.

What does that mean to us at Hello Beautiful ?

  • We are committed to monitoring the situation and taking advice from both appropriate government bodies and Colour Me Beautiful head office, who have a team dedicated to helping us attain best practise in all that we do.

  • The government announced that as of the 13th July 2020 our sector of business were given the green light to see clients again if safety measures were implemented.

  • We will continue to offer online appointments for those who are still in a high risk category and or were not comfortable with face to face appointments.

  • We will contact all clients before a face to face appointment outlining the precautions and requirements they will need to take to make the appointment safe for all parties.

  • We reserve the right to cancel an appointment, should we feel either ourselves, our client or another we may have had contact with in symptomatic of Covid-19 in any way. We will only reschedule the appointment when we feel the risk has been eliminated and the Government enforce isolation period implemented.

  • We will ensure all areas our client is exposed to during a consultation are thoroughly cleaned and paper towels and soap will be provided for wash rooms.

  • Alongside bins for waste and antibacterial wipes for the client to clean the areas they contact.

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided for my clients and myself to use through out a consultation.

  • We will ask clients to check their temperature on arrival using a hand held laser thermometer. We will also take our own temperature so that all parties, are aware of any potential risks.

  • We will wear a face mask throughout the consultation and will ask our clients to do the same. We will wear a washable apron. 

  • When we drape our clients we will wear a visor to add further protection to both our clients and ourselves.

  • Both the client and myself will wear disposable gloves when handling drapes or products to minimise cross contamination. (Client must provide their own gloves if they are unable to wear latex gloves for any reason.) We will follow the Government recommendations for washing and cleaning of items between clients.

  • Due to the close contact necessary, we will not be offering make-up as part of the consultation. We will still discuss what make-up is right and compliments our clients however. We will monitor this and adhere to Government guidelines.

  • As of Aug 2020 and until otherwise instructed, we are able to offer make-up, however, the make-up will be applied by the client under observation and guidance from myself.


**Please see the red section at the bottom of this page for the latest information on make-up

  • We will email our clients before a scheduled appointment to make certain that to the best of their knowledge they are able to go ahead with the appointment.

Please note that refreshments will not be provided at the present time during a consultation, therefore, any drinks you do wish to have please bring with you We would highly recommend bringing a bottle of water with you.

**Update as of 18/09/2020

We are still offering face to face appointments until further noted by the Uk government. Until 18/09/2020 we were able to apply make-up again under strict extra precautions,

however, in the North East Uk where I practise my face to face services we have been advised that this service is not available. However under government advice, our clients are able to test some products themselves. We alway have ensured the best possible practise for cross contamination between our clients and use disposable instruments where necessary.

Whilst this may effect the over all look of your appointment, it will not effective quality and value of your appointment, you will still be taught what make-up works for you and why, therefore the price will remain fixed at this time. You can still buy any of the make-up you wish to in your colour session.

**Update as of 08/11/2021

We are following the latest Covid-19 guidelines recommended by the UK government.

Face to face appointments are being offered and workshops are running face to face again.

Face masks are no longer compulsory However, should a client feel more confident wearing a face mask or should they request I wear a mask, then this is our best practise.

All equipment and services are cleaned thoroughly between clients.

Make-up application is aloud to resume, however, I am still opting for less unclose contact so will be teaching clients where and how to apply themselves where appropriate and possible. I have found this to be helpful from a teaching perspective as well as a hygiene and Covid- safe perspective.

We have adopted a Covid friendly cancellation policy. Proof will need to be given. Please see terms and conditions HERE for more information

The situation will continue to be monitored and changed as advised by the UK Government

Thank you for reading and stay safe Melanie

Be you, Be yourself, be your Beautiful self -inside & out!
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