Hello Colour

"The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you"

Coco Chanel

Colour is everywhere!!!

We see it and use it every single day. Wouldn't the world be rather dull without it? It has the power to inspire and lift

our mood, think stunning sunsets

and crystal seas.


So, why do we forget to bring colour to ourselves so often?

Is black your safety go to? Do you have a wardrobe full of it, that leaves you feeling dull and uninspired? 


When you go shopping do you find you always gravitate towards the same colours, but when you put them on you don’t feel quite ‘right?’

I offer a whole range of colour services from personal colour analysis, to how to bring colour to your business branding.

Click on the link below to find out which Colour service is best suited for you. 

Please Note: 1-2-1 In Person Appointments are carried out at my home studio. If requested, I can offer appointments at an alternative address, however, additional travel time and petrol charges will apply. Charges will be stated ahead of time.

Hello Personal 

Our lives are subject to regular change our bodies being no exception. 

We may find ourselves being a new mum with less time to take care of our appearance. Or perhaps our kids have grown -up and we have more time but need a new look. Sometimes we all just need a little help and confidence to find ourselves and dress well again.

From Full Style Analysis to Style workshops Click on the link below to find out what services I offer to help you become even more

Beautifully YOU

More Style Services Available ONLINE

Happy smiling fashionable curvy woman wearing trendy autumn outfit_ orange hat, snakeskin

Hello Style Subscription

Coming soon
Bridal Makeup

Hello Beautiful

Have you been applying your make-up the same way for years?

Or, maybe you’ve never worn make-up and you’d like to start?

A one-one make-up check in is a simple, quick and easy way to breath new life into your look. 

All make-up is perfectly matched to your skin tone and over all colouring.

Book your appointment today and become even more beautifully YOU!

*Colour me beautiful make-up range is hypoallergenic, vegan and led free. Check out their ingredient list using the link here




Did you know most people wear only